Special Days

The following days are for Long Island Live Steamers members and guests only. While we enjoy running the trains for our visitors, we also like to reserve some days for our own fun. It also gives our younger members a chance to run some trains.

Steam Up

This is the first event of each season and is our reward for cleaning up the track and preparing it for the Run Days ahead. Members bring food to share in the afternoon.

Friends and Family Days

These days are set aside to guarantee the track is available for members and their families and friends to enjoy a fun day running the trains. Our snack bar is closed on Friends and Family Days so members and guests should be prepared to bring their own food and drinks. Prospective members, please call ahead if you’d like to check us out on one of these days.

Blow Down

All good things come to an end and we like to celebrate the end of a run season with a final run at the track and a bring-a-dish meal provided by our members.

LILS Memorial Day

One day each year is set aside to remember members who have passed over the years by doing what they loved, running trains.

Frostbite Run

Many of our members find it hard to get through the winter without running their trains. If weather permits, we get together during the height of the winter for some fun. Since the water is shut down over the winter, steamers must supply their own and restroom facilities are not available on this day.