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    First Run Day of the 2020 Season

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    Enjoy your winter. We will reopen in May!

Long Island Live Steamers may well be the best kept secret on Long Island. Although thousands of visitors enjoy visiting and riding on our railroad every year, most Long Islanders have either never heard of us, or if they have, have yet to visit us on one of our Public Run Days. Since most of our advertising is “word of mouth,” those folks who do find us are usually very surprised by how much fun a day with Long Island Live Steamers really is!

Located in Southaven County Park, in Brookhaven (between exits 57 & 58 off Route 27), Long Island Live Steamers is a 501(c)3, not for profit organization, operating for the education and enjoyment of the public, and to preserve the history and wonderment of the glory days of railroading.

Our twice monthly Sunday Public Run Days find rideable steam, diesel and electric trains operating on eight acres of scale tracks. While our Track Plan Page details the layout of our two railroads, only a personal visit, and the smiles of visiting children and adults alike, really explain what LILS is all about.

Enjoy your on-line visit. But, mark your calendar now for an in person visit, and then climb aboard to enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, and excitement of Live Steam Railroading right here in your Long Island backyard!

And if you like what you see when you visit, you might consider joining the Long Island Live Steamers. Check out our Membership Page for more details.

See you out here soon!

About the Long Island Live Steamers

LONG ISLAND LIVE STEAMERS, INC. was founded in 1966 to preserve the fine art of precision steam model making. While our outdoor tracks, and the trains that run on them, may represent our most visible activity, our members also build scale model steam boilers, engines, boats, and tractors, as well as fully functional railroad models. Very few of our members are professional machinists, most are hobbyists, some have small basement shops, while others have no shops or projects. The uniting interest lies in steam power, railroads, and having fun.

The club site is located in Southaven (Suffolk) County Park, which is near William Floyd Parkway and Sunrise Highway. The county has made available about 8.5 acres of land on which our railroad operates. We have a recently expanded elevated railroad (known as the High Line) for 3/4″ and 1″ scale trains with more than 1250′ track and a 4600′ right of way for 1 1/2″ scale trains (known as our Ground Line). In fulfillment of the public trust use of park land, Long Island Live Steamers hosts visitor rides on our Public Run Days scheduled for the second and last Sundays of each month from the middle of May through the end of October.

The engines and rolling stock you will enjoy on any given Public Run Day can be a mixture of member owned and club owned equipment. But on Meet Days, members of other Railroading Clubs throughout the country bring their consists along to run on our tracks. So, while a single visit to Long Island Live Steamers can be a huge amount of outdoor and nostalgic fun, regular visits are practically mandatory for complete enjoyment of what LILS has to offer. Better yet, a membership gives you a great excuse and special access to come and be part of railroad history and remembrance on a regular basis.

We believe that we have one of the finest tracks in the country (we are only a little bit prejudiced!) and if you would like to join us as a member, check out our Membership Page, or better yet, come down to the park on a Run Day or any other scheduled event and submit your application in person. We welcome your participation in our club.


The Long Island Live Steamers track is located in Suffolk’s Southaven County Park. The park is roughly bordered by the Long Island Expressway to the north, Sunrise Highway to the south, William Floyd Parkway to the east, and Gerard Road to the west. Our entrance and parking lot is accessed via Gerard Road. Note that Gerard Road has been dedicated in memory of FDNY Lieutenant Howie Carpluk. Signs at both ends of Gerard Road also read Howie Carpluk Memorial Road.

Via Long Island Expressway

Use Exit 67 (Yaphank Avenue). Turn south on Yaphank Avenue to Gerard Road (second left after bridge over LIRR tracks). Turn left on Gerard Road. Our driveway is approximately 1 mile down on the left and parking is the first right after entering the driveway.

Via Sunrise Highway

From the east:
Use Exit 58 – William Floyd Parkway North. This exit ramp leads to Victory Avenue. Make a left and continue over William Floyd Parkway. Just past the main entrance for Southaven County Park is Gerard Road (you’ll see our sign on the right). Make a right on Gerard Road. Our entrance is approximately 1/2 mile on the right.

From the west:
Use Exit 57 – Horseblock Road West. The cloverleaf will take you over Sunrise Highway. Just past the westbound entrance to Sunrise is Victory Avenue. Make a right and watch for our sign to your left at Gerard Road. Turn left on Gerard Road. Our entrance is approximately 1/2 mile on the right.


Click HERE to jump to Google Maps. You can get detailed driving instructions there and even see our location from a satellite’s point of view. Note that Google Maps shows LILS as north of the shooting range, we are actually just south of it. A correction has been requested. Please look for our sign on Gerard Road.